“Beautiful & Powerful Statements” opened to a wonderful group of exhibiting artists and visitors.   The statements made by the art in this exhibit included those that dealt with spiritual topics, those that focused on political issues, and others that were generally insightful. 

Saralee Howard, St. John, MI, spoke about her mixed-media assemblage, “I Will Give Him the Letters,“ based on the touching Jewish fable about one who found it difficult to use Hebrew to speak to God, and so simply recited the alphabet and “allowed God to put the letters together to say what was in his heart.” 

Disarmingly ordinary ceramic tea ware by Professor WangLing Chou, Pinetree, LA, was the focus her presentation.  But upon closer inspection, the complexity of the work became evident.  The set was cast using molds from discarded plastic bottles. On the tea set, she painted simple images portraying the environmental harm from careless use of other plastic objects. So simple, but so effective.

We are grateful to our speakers and all our artists who could be with us for the Opening, to our neighbor, The Metuchen Inn who so generously provided refreshments, and to the Westerhoff School of Music and Art for supporting Nails in the Wall through music, bringing Christopher Schwarz to us. It was genuinely a festive occasion.

Visit the “learn more” section to see images of the exhibit, read the catalogue pages created by each artist about his/her work, and see photos of the Opening.  

This exhibit remains on view through May 31, 2017.

Engaging the Beautiful Workshop

May 5th & 6th

Beautiful & Powerful Statements

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