About the Gallery

Nails in the Wall: The Gallery @ St. Luke's

Welcome to the latest endeavor undertaken by TASL, The Arts at St. Luke’s! We hope you will visit the space regularly. Spend time there. Allow the work to dialogue with your spirit.

The permanent gallery, established at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, continues a long tradition there of providing a home for the arts. The gallery represents two years of preliminary work to prepare a gallery staff and board, determine the optimum location, and attend to the many details around beginning a permanent showcase for the visual arts.

One of the questions that arose was the best process to use for actually hanging the work. Various systems were discussed, but one member of the group dismissed most of them out of hand. “Well, what IS the best way as you see it?” the group leader questioned. “NAILS IN THE WALL” was the immediate response! “Excellent,” responded the coordinator, "and that will also be the gallery name!"

The group thought about that for several months, but the longer they considered it, the more the name grew on them. It did have a certain “biblical flavor”…and what’s more, that is how the work in The Gallery at St. Luke’s is hung…by nails solidly placed in the wall!

Mission Statement

Nail in the Wall is a small, non-traditional exhibition space sponsored by the Episcopal community of St. Luke’s. In an effort to bring the visual arts into the ongoing life of the parish as well as the broader community, the gallery is established in a well-used area, one that is a part of the weekly parish gathering, as well as a space that is frequented by a large number of other groups.

Sponsored and administered by the TASL group (The Arts at St. Luke’s), NAILS IN THE WALL presents two shows per year, each of which hangs for six months. During the time each show is on exhibit, Gallery Administrators plan a series of exhibit-related events.

In establishing the gallery, the Community of St. Luke’s

celebrates  artists whose work addresses our human, spiritual selves and connecting them and their work to our local community.

provides  audience and artists alike an opportunity for dialogue and deepened insight into the human experience.

creates  opportunities for contemplation and ecstasy for all who spent time in the gallery and

a consciousness of the power of visual art in our homes and sacred spaces.