People Who Love Us . . . People We Love

                     The Biennial Children’s Exhibit at Nails in the Wall

Do plan to join us for the 
Opening and Artists’ Reception 
of this truly international exhibit
Saturday, September 25, 2-5 pm

Great Spirits Among Us

September 25, 2016 – December 31, 2016

​Gallery Hours

M-F 9am-2pm
Sat. 4-6pm
Sun. 11am-2pm

The Biennial Children’s Exhibit proved wonderful for all who participated: children, parents and other visitors.  We are grateful to our speakers, Dorothy Bilgrav, Mickey Waring and Lindsey Shevkun Aguayo and to the St. Luke’s Children’s Schola, under the direction of Julia Jensen, who added such a delightful musical spirit to the Reception.

As the gallery moves to begin its Fifth Year…how exciting!...the Board decided a complete re-painting of the walls was called for.  Filling nail holes with spackle and repainting a spot can look good only for so long!  We want to ‘look sharp’ as we begin Year Five!

​The Exhibit being prepared for “Great Spirits Among Us…” is an international show that will focus our attention on the inherent goodness of the human person.  With all of the anguish swirling around us, we feel this exhibit will provide a much-needed antidote and be a source of uplift for all who visit.